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           Pens/Writing Instruments

Pens and writing instruments (like fine fountain pens) are a staple in our industry. While you'd only wear one shirt, it's possible to have more than one pen in your pocket, purse or briefcase. They are a very cost effective way of getting your imprint out there, and that impression will last for a long time.

I recently stopped by my local Harley shop, and one of the guys there handed me a pen. When I tried to refuse it, saying I didn't want to take his pen, he insisted, say "It's advertising. We give them away, you know". I just took it and smiled, and didn't have the heart to tell him what I did for a living.

Fine writing instruments, to quote my friend Bill Lavasseur, are like fine hand jewelry. A good writing instrument will feel good in your hand, and write smooth. One of the components for a good writing instrument is the refill. A quality rollerball will write much more smoothly that a cheap ball point pen.
There are many case histories throughout this web site using pens. If you like to check by price points, go to:

Express Pen - Low to moderate pens in plastic and metal. Quick ship available.

Webb Company - Moderate pricing in plastic and metal. Lots of presentation boxes to go along with the pens.

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