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Sports and sporting events are a big part of our society, so it's natural that promotional products would play a role in marketing and promoting these events.

One caution about getting involved with promoting an event, especially for collegiate and professional teams. Many logos are highly regulated and controlled. Make sure the person or group you are dealing with has the rights to use the logo(s), or you open yourself up to spending a lot of time and money on lawyers.

Fersten has a nice selection of hats and caps that are not only useful, but also can pre-sell the event, and serve as a reminder of the event for years afterwards.

Case History: 24 hour Hat


Objective:  To give something to the sponsors of a special event and to also have recognition for this particular fundraising event.


This particular hat was designed with a florescent puff embroidery so that it would be visible during the 24 hour downhill ski event that was taking place to raise funds for a specific childhood disease. 

The client also had to choose a hat that could be designed where multiple logos of the sponsors could be clearly seen in the dark and from a distance. A private label was created on the back of the hat to highlight a special sponsor that had made a very large donation for this special organization. This hat was also designed to give to people who were making donations of $250 each, as a thank you gift. As this is going to be a yearly event, the client decided to add a woven tab in the sandwich with the current year, so that this can become a collectors item.


Result:   This promotion resulted in a total of $125,000 collected for the association, and all the sponsors of this program were well recognized.  The hat was even televised during the nightly news as a follow up to this special event.


FW 24 hour

Lorente has a nice selection of trophies and awards for every event. Whether it's to recognize the littlest children on a team sport, to adult superstars, the line has a full collection of recognition products.

Lorente Awards

Peerless has a nice selection of umbrellas, gazebos and folding chairs for any event. All offer large surface area for imprinting, and functionality to boot. Low minimums also make these nice fund raisers.

Peerless Chairs

Peerless Gazebos

Peerless Golf Collection

Windy City bags are a great companion piece for any event. Bags are always useful and welcome, and no one ever throws away a free bag, especially when it's a quality bag from Windy City. There are several different bags offered in the line, so please call if you need additional guidance.

Windy City sports bags

Webb Collection has a great little product that is cost effective, and very timely. It's the combination lip balm/sunscreen stick, item #LBSC. If you are looking for a value priced giveaway for your next event, this is it.

Webb #LBSC

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