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Awards and Recognition

Awards and recognition are such a large part of business, yet many companies fail when it comes to this critical part of their employee needs.

Abraham Maslow, a leader in the behavioral science movement, developed his Needs Hierarchy to look at how human needs influence motivation.

The 3 basic needs are Physiological (food, clothing, shelter), Safety and Affiliation. The workplace provides a paycheck that satisfies the first need, (hopefully) a safe environment to work in for the second, and co- workers to satisfy the third need. Unfortunately, most employers only satisfy the basic three needs. Maslow's fourth need is Self-esteem; effectively recognizing employees who develop feelings of self-respect, self-confidence, achievement and importance.

In another study, Frederick Herzberg noted the importance of recognition when looking at factors affecting job attitudes. Achievement and recognition were #1 and #2 on the employees' list of extreme satisfaction, while salary was in the bottom half of the list, and was more dissatisfying than satisfying. I have often used this study to point out to buyers that cash is not a motivator when it comes to employees. Plus, it has no long term value when it comes to reinforcing positive behaviors.

I have 2 great lines for recognition:

BCH Unique does custom acrylic and lucite. They have low minimums and a creative staff that can build about anything. Doing embedements is a long term way of showing what your company is about, and what can be accomplished.  

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The Challenge

The Columbus Ohio affiliate of the Susan G Komen For The Cure organization, needed a fresh new approach in creating recognition awards for event sponsors. The well-known Pink Ribbon that had become synonymous with fundraising initiatives for breast cancer was necessary, but presenting it in a new and interesting way was the challenge.

The BCH Solution

By working with the organization’s logo and a budget guideline, BCH designed a one-of-a-kind lucite embedment that represented the fundraising run in an entirely new way.

A Pink Ribbon printed on acetate was embedded deep within the lucite which was custom cut to mimic the shape of the organization’s logo. The result was an award that was both attractive and unique and one that allowed each sponsor to be recognized for its contribution to the event.

The final piece was created in three sizes to denote Gold, Silver and Bronze  level sponsors.

The Result

The Komen Foundation received a piece that set its logo apart from the multitude of Pink Ribbon pieces in the marketplace. By presenting a Lucite Embedment in the shape of the organization’s logo, the Foundation continually builds brand recognition and a unique presence with everyone that views the piece.


My other great line is Lorente. They have over 200 stock items that they can apply die cast, die struck or color magic (4 color process domed decals) to.

In addition they have the Club Lorente program, which is a program in a box. They stock the medallions, and apply to the 200+ items. Minimum is one piece, and they ship in 48 hours. There are no stocking or release charges. Die charges do apply, but are rebateable.

This is a great way to get a small customer to look like a larger one. It also solves the problem of the customer needing just a few items for a special event, without all the set up headaches every time you place an order.


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