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Most people who wear caps wear them year round, at home and when travelling. So, your company might be local or regional, but your ad can go national or international. Fersten caps are great billboards for any company, bacause of the amount of space available for copy and logos. Consider putting a URL for your customer on the back or side of the cap, or for distributors, put your custom label in it, so that people who are attracted to the cap can call you and order some!

Fersten Cap

I constantly talk about umbrellas as travel items. Even in the parts of my territory that don't have much rainfall, I remind people that there is an airport close by, and people are travelling somewhere. Chances are, it might rain.

Case History: A few weeks ago, after my presentation, a distributor salesperson asked if he could have my Lil Buddy sample. He explained that he and his wife were going on a cruise, and he wanted to take a small travel umbrella that would be easy to pack.

As luck would have it, it rained on part of the trip, when they were in port. Rick said they were the only couple with an umbrella, and that other couples in his group were impressed that he remembered to pack one. He came off the cruise with several business cards for leads.

Peerless Travel ideas

Specialty Candle (sister company to Peerless Umbrella) has some great small candle tins that are perfect trravel items. I don't smoke, but many times my hotel has a lot of cleaner odor in it. I carry several of these small tins, and light one in the room as I start to unpack. They really help air out the room, and they make great leave behind gifts for the cleaning staff. After all, who can't use a candle at home when the power is out?

Specialty Candle Travel ideas

With all the travel restrictions imposed by the airtlines, traveling with one case is getting to be the way to go. The Rolling Computer Brief from Windy City will relieve pressure on your shoulders and arms, give you the needed space for electronics, and has room for a few personal items for overnight stays.

Windy City Rolling Computer Brief
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