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Trade Shows

Want to be a hero at a trade show? Give out stuffed animals from Authentic Plush. Mom and Dad are traveling, and they have to have something to take home to the loved ones at home. Mostly, the airport gift shop gets the business (been there, done that). Why not hand out something you'll be thanked for (generally, with words like "You're a life saver"). Put your logo, along with copy such as "We buck the competition" on a horse, and your message will stay around for years.

Authentic Plsh Trade Show items

Casual Friday is nice, but at a trade show you want your folks to stand out a little above the crowd. Button down twills from Fersten in matching men's and women's carry a distinctive look that says you are all about being professional.

Have you ever walked into a store and tried to find an employee to help you? It's the same for trade shows. One of the most cost effective things you can do to improve your "trade Show friendly" perception is to make your people highly visible in your booth.  Fersten has over 70 styles of garments, from polos to dress shirts to sweaters, to make a professional impression of your people, as well as promote your brand and message. Men's and women's apparel available, in sizes up to 4XL for men and 3XL for women, with no upcharges for the larger sizes.

Women's Cotton Twill Woven

Men's Cotton Twill Woven

See the entire Fersten line here.

Fersten Worldwide

Hats as trade show giveaways are about as popular as pens, but they last longer. In addition to logos, they can carry messages, or commemorate events. Fersten has over 150 styles of hats to choose from for your company.

Case History: Shimano ( Fishing reel hat)

Objective:To increase traffic to their booth at the yearly sporting events show.

This hat was designed to increase traffic to the Shimano tradeshow booth during the yearly sporting goods show.Shimano wanted to stand out from the rest of the exhibitors, so it was necessary to�design a product that would bring clients to the booth.�A hat was choosen�that would be lightweight and fashionable so the clients would want to wear it fishing and on other sporting activities.�It would also create brand awareness during the show.

Shimano�kept the logo simple and clean and the cap was embroidered�in puff so that the 3D effect would be a WOW to the client receiving the gift.

Result:�tradeshow booth attendance�increased by 25% from the year before and as for the brand awareness, Shimano decided that since the hat was so well received they put the same hat for up for sale in certain retails outlets.

Fersten Shimano Hat

We all know that trade show cost go up every year. Sometimes, adding just a small table can cost as much as a full size, but where do you put it? Peerless Umbrellas has a great folding table that is easy to store, strong enough to hold catalogs, and the right height to function as a work table. It comes with a carrying case, and is very lightweight, but extremely dururable.

Peerless Umbrella portable bar

Trade shows are the de facto way to talk to lots of folks about your message or product. But what do you do when they pass by your booth without stopping? Offer something they need and want, obviously. Trade show bags are a must, and the Ashland from Windy City is stylish, durable, and most important for a hand out, economical.
Windy City Trade show items

Recycled tote bags at trade shows are not only convenient and handy, but show that you care about the environment as well. They are also a thoughtful way of saying "Thank You" to attendees, as they walk the show floor.

Windy City Eco totes
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