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Summer Sellers

While this could be under the "Medical" case histories, skin cancer is the fastest growing form of cancer in the US. Show your employees and customer you care about their health by making sure everyone has plenty of hats. (Personally, I carry a hat and sunglasses in all our cars, and my motorcycle).

I think the Fersten cap at this link reminds me of baseball caps from the 1800's....multi color, with big, white contrasting stitching.

Fersten Summer Cap

"Cool" garments are very much in. Whether you call them moisture wicking, or (brand name deleted here)-like, they all function the same: the fabric is designed to wick moisture away from the body, where it evaporates and helps cool you down.

Fersten has a nice selection of "Ferst-Dry" garments for both men and women.

Fersten Ferst-Dry for women

Fersten Ferst-Dry for men

Peerless Umbrella has a great collection of soft-sided portable chairs, including the new Tun100 folding chair with speakers (you plug in your iPod or other portable device), as well as large patio and market umbrellas, gazebos and a portable bar. All these make great outdoor advertising items for events for organizations, for radio stations, and for schools and churches.

Peerless Umbrella Summer Sellers

Summer and heat. What else is there? Windy City's selection of coolers are great additions to any family's outings, whether to baseball games, the lake, the beach, or the backyard. The C7205 Melrose, the C7044 Whitehall and the C7101 Lincoln Park are among the most popular.

Windy City Summer Seller items

Don't forget to look at my Special page. Many of my suppliers run items on special during the summer, and these are the links to find the best deals.

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