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Special Events

There are lots of special events, and that many more product ideas from our industry. Some of them (but not limited to) are:

New product rollouts
Company stores
New employee hiring
New regulation compliance

Check with your local promotional products distributor for great ideas to make these events successful.

Fersten Worldwide's overseas capabilities make for some unique designs. Whether you are loooking for something for a "One-of-a-kind" or the "5th Annual Crawfish Boil and Sunbake", Fersten can mix fabrics, styles, decoration and features to create a unique piece especially for your event.

Case History: 24 hour Hat


Objective:  To give something to the sponsors of a special event and to also have recognition for this particular fundraising event.


This particular hat was designed with a florescent puff embroidery so that it would be visible during the 24 hour downhill ski event that was taking place to raise funds for a specific childhood disease. 

The client also had to choose a hat that could be designed where multiple logos of the sponsors could be clearly seen in the dark and from a distance. A private label was created on the back of the hat to highlight a special sponsor that had made a very large donation for this special organization. This hat was also designed to give to people who were making donations of $250 each, as a thank you gift. As this is going to be a yearly event, the client decided to add a woven tab in the sandwich with the current year, so that this can become a collectors item.


Result:   This promotion resulted in a total of $125,000 collected for the association, and all the sponsors of this program were well recognized.  The hat was even televised during the nightly news as a follow up to this special event.

Case History: RCMP logo

Objective:  Client wanted a rougher type of look that represented their establishment/profession and needed the items for a parade in 3 weeks.


The Logo was designed in pewter for 2 main reasons:

Because the logo is so detailed in it is hard to maintain the exact look without dropping and changing elements to the logo in embroidery. When using pewter you can easily get all this detail or more. The second reason was because of delivery time.  The buyer accidently forgot to order something for their upcoming parade. Generals were to attend this parade and they needed something special to give ro them in a hurry. The sample was approved within a week and production was done and the order was delivered within their time constraints.

Result:  they had a great parade, gave away a spectacular hat with their detailed logo, it was all done domestically at an affordable price, and the distributor was a THE HERO!


Fersten Special Events hats
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