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                       Safety Programs

Interesting concepts, safety programs. Every company out there is a candidate for one, but how do you sell them?

The easiest way is to talk about Return On Investment, or ROI. ROI is the amount of money you get back after you spend money, or lose it due to insurance premiums, hospital and medical costs, and lost productivity time. If you can get your customer to open up numbers to you, you can start putting a program together.

In addition to the ROI, programs are designed to change behaviors, i.e. getting them to work safer. This is the long term payoff to your customer.

Like other types of motivation programs (quality, attendance and recognition) cash has been show to be not as affective as as physical items. The same holds true for gift cards. There are many reasons for this, but the #1 is that cash usually goes for bills, and gift cards go for other consumable items. Thus, there is no long term reminder of the achievement. Also, with cash or gift cards, the employee knows exactly how much value the company put on the achievement.

Fersten's wide selection of caps, and decorating techniques, allow for true collector's items when designing a cap.

Case history: Union Pacific

Objective:  To create a special safety award for a special group of train operators.


Pewter was used for Union Pacific to have something completely different to offer to a special group of employees. Since embroidery had been used on many occasions with the Union Pacific logo, this particular buyer needed to offer something out of the ordinary so this award would stand out above the rest. They wanted to have something the operators could wear to promote their special group. Red and blue epoxy paint was added to the logo to give the hat more precision and brand awareness.


Result:  The train operators commented on how this hat with pewter decoration was so different from many they have received in the past with regular embroidery.

Fersten Safety item

Swiss+Tech tools are keyring tools that get the job done. These durable, lightweight tools are perfect for any program or event. For those that want a safety message that will be remembered, the BodyGard (R) 5-in-1 Auto Emergency Tool is a great companion, and a pice that gets a lot of attention when shown.

Swiss+Tech BodyGard

Webb Collection has a nice selection of antiseptic hand sanitizers. Perfect for everything from travel to sporting events, diligent use of the products helps slow the spread of germs. Very handy in every car and home first aid kit.

Webb #PSS Pocket Sprayer

Windy City's collection of cooler bags is a must for any program. Coolers are one of those things that every household can use, regardless of income, location or age. Many households have more than one in the garage. Our coolers are waterproof, and come with many features not found on other coolers, such as outside pockets that allow for embroidery, without affecting the integrity of the cooler.

Windy City Safety items

The Wauconda from Windy City is a heavy water resistant carry all bag made from rip stop tarp material (Pacific PVC). We've had a lot of success with this bag for offshore crews, utility workers, construction, hunting and fishing and many other outdoor applications.
Windy City Wauconda
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