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Retail Case Histories

Peerless Umbrella is the perfect item for large retail advertising. Retailers at all levels can give them out to better customers to advertise products and services all over town.

A men's retail store, conveniently located in the middle of a block, put out umbrellas on rainy days. Lawyers walking from their offices to the courthouse at the end of the block were invited to pick up a "loaner" umbrella. Many were returned, but the distributor with the account did a nice little repeat order every year at the start of the rainy season.

Peerless Retail ideas


Patio and market umbrellas are portable billboard advertising. In addition to being visible and transportable, they are also useful! Unlike banners, which need trees or building, market umbrellas are freestanding, and can be used for years after the events. They make great public relation tools in smaller communities for church events, festivals and events.

Peerless patio umbrellas

While we are not really in the retail business, it never hurts to look like we do. Threads by Peerless gives you that retail look, but has the added advantage of being decorated. Get the look of the retail giants without the cost!

In particular, check out the BTG001 Box Tote, the CAN03XL Sailing Tote, and the NPT001 Color Pop Tote with contrasting straps.
Threads by Peerless

Small budget, but you still want the big impact? Look at the #T2104 Rockford Tote from Windy City. Great styling and construction in a vlaue tote. Nice giveaway that people will use for years, showcasing your brand.

Windy City Rockford
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