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Authentic Plush has a house shaped pluch item, with room for a business card to be inserted into it. It's a great item that will work for real estate companies, mortgage companies, insurance companies and title companies. Any agent (or anyone involved in the home business, like remodellers and construction companies) can use this clever item as a constant reminder about their service.

Authentic Plush house

As a "Thank You" gift to new home buyers, what would be more welcome than a Maple Ridge Farms basket of food as a move in gift? Also makes a great gift for referrals from customers or related industry professionals, like mortgage companies or title companies.


Maple Ridge Gift Basket

Specialty Candle tins are great items for real estate agents to carry. Many of them are taught to "dress up" a house by doing the little things when showing a house. Using a chocolate chip or sugar cookie scented candle, the smell of fresh baked cookies can be sent throughout the entire house in a matter of a few minutes.

Specialty Candle Real Estate ideas
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