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                                               Quality Programs

Quality programs (like safety programs) reward certain, measurable goals, and returns. Once quantified, programs are easy to price and deliver.

Objects selected for programs must be of quality themselves, and have meaning. Cheap items will devalue the impact of the program and the achievement.

Stay away from money. Study after study has shown that cash as rewards have no lasting value. Plus, the recipient knows exactly how much is spent on them (and how much their achievement meant to the company).

Fersten Worldwide - "Quality Above All (TM)" - has hundreds of fabrics and decorating techniques to put your company's quality message out in the public.

What's the most popular, and best known style cap out in the market today? Some call it the "trucker's cap", others call it a 'summer cap". Whatever the name,  Fersten has their own version,  in cool mesh and brushed cotton twill. Our version has a cloth panel on the back, for additional imprint over the arch.

Fersten Quality ideas

Swiss+Tech tools get the job done right. These handy tools just feel good in your hands, and with all 2 imprint areas included with each tool (one on the tool, and up to 4 color process on the packaging), they'll carry your message out to customers, employees and others for years.

The Utili-Key is our best selling item, and is so handy to have on your keyring. It can be used to fix glasses, displays, cut wire, and help repair a host of items. It's small, lightweight, and very handy.

Swiss Tech tools

Webb Company has the largest collection of items used for Quality (and other) programs. For instance:

     -   Waterbottles for environmental quality

Webb Quality ideas
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