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Meetings, meetings, meetings. Is there anything more tedious? More time consuming? Less productive?

Probably not, but there is something you can do about it. If you want to make your meetings pay off, use promotional products to add key elements of fun, messages, image, and purpose.

Here are some ideas:

Getting people to show up on time for meetings is always a challenge. One thing you can do is start your meeting at an odd time, like 8:20. Another is to reward those on time. A simple, yet relevant reminder would be to use a watch as a reward to the first person to show up to a meeting. This puts pressure on others to show up on time. It can also be used for groups, such as when managers or supervisors fail to get time sheets in on time. Giving watches to the crew whose foreman gets the time sheets in early will cause the other foremen to be "peer pressured" into getting their work in on time the next time around. 

Peerless Umbrella has a perfect companion to those folks who are always on the go to meetings. It's the "Lil Buddy" a personal, portable umbrella that clips onto a belt, backpack or briefcase. There is no more useful items than an umbrella, because there's no good substitute for one when you need it. Umbrellas have a large imprint arean and you can also imprint the case for extra copy.

Peerless Meetings items

Windy City padfolios, briefcases and computer cases are handy items at all meetings, to carry the binders and information. They can be given to clients, as a useful reminder of the meeting, and to carry important papers and documents.

Windy City padfolios

From Webb Company, for the professional meeting office, the stacker is an elegant, rich looking coffee cup server. Combined with any one of several thermoses, this makes an excellent gift set either in your own office, or as a gift for clients for their offices.

Webb Meetings items
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