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                       Medical Case Histories  

The medical market continues to be the #1 market for promotional products.

Government regulations and cut backs are changing this market more than ever
before. One of the fastest growing segments of the industry is the home health care market.

 Nurse's Week, EMT Week, Surgical Technician's Week and Volunteer's Day are among the several special times set aside to recognize health care workers.

Here are a few ideas: 

Authentic Plush animals for kids are something every business can use. In the medical community, animals in doctor's coats can be given to kids in ambulances, emergency rooms and pediatrician's offices. They can also be given out by police officers and firemen in the field.

Authentic Plush Bear

Webb has the handy paper soap packets. These can be given to volunteers at an event, to kids to carry, as a trade show item for conventioners, or can be used as a travel item.

Webb Soap Packets

Another fast selling item is the Webb hand sanitizers. With all the media hype, these are a very popular give away at home, school or office. I also see thes as give aways at concerts, traf shows, hotes and restaurants.

Webb Hand Sanitizer
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