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Marketing Ideas


Authentic Plush has a full line of great stuffed animals that can be used for any themed event or promotion. A stuffed elephant combined with copy, such as "We never forget our Clients" is a powerful reminder sitting on a desk.

Authentic Plush Elephant

Racing themes are always popular for sales meetings, or any other concept where time and score are important (think quality and safety). Fersten has a great racing themed hat in colors that will help you identify your teams, and encourage competition and good spirited fun.

Fersten Brushed Cotton Twill with racing bill

Getting appointments with busy people can be a difficult and trying task. But, using Maple Ridge Farm's Jelly Bean Dispenser, a distributor in the Midwest found a creative way.

Case history: Tired of being ignored by busy purchasing and marketing people at a large auto manufacturer, a local distributor came up with a creative way to get invited in any time she wanted. Using the Jelly Bean Dispenser, she put one at the receptionists' desk, one in the general area in purchasing, and one in marketing. She shows up to "just fill the jelly bean dispensers", and gets waved through by the receptionist. Once in purchasing and marketing, she usually winds up spending half a day working with the people that formerly wouldn't return her calls.

One last idea, from Maple Ridge Farms: We offer small, non-imprinted gift boxes (SR 101 to SR 171) with a wide variety of food available. Pre-sell your customer on using these as follow up gifts after first appointments, referrals, or first or large orders. Just have them send you the addresses on a regular basis, and we'll do the rest. We can even imprint a card for them if they'd like. We'll  drop ship the boxes directly to the recipient for a tasty "Thank You"!

Maple Ridge Marketing ideas

Peerless Umbrella offers umbrellas in all shapes and sizes, and there are very few items in our industry that offer as much imprint area, and portability. Thye can also be used for events dedications, like the City of Buffalo doing a imprint of the new downtown area featuring the new football stadium.

Gazebos offer the largest imprint area of all our products, and are transportable. Unlike banners and signs, these are self standing, and provide shade for sign ins or registrations. Plus, they can be used over and over by the organization. Radio stations and non-profit organizations that do fund raising are some of the largest users of gazebos.

Peerless Umbrella Marketing ideas

Peerless also offers patio umbrellas. Traditionally used for food and drink comapnies to advertise, they are now becoming the vehicle of choice for many industries trying to reach buyers. For instance, Microsoft used patio umbrellas on hot dog vendor carts in downtown New York in the months preseeding the release of the Windows XP operating system.

With their large size, patio umbrellas lend themselves to multiple color and digital color imprints. This format allows images that cover the entire umbrella, without worrying about the seams interfering with registration. It's also a very cost effective method of imprinting when you have lots of colors in a design.

Peerless Patio Umbrellas

Swiss Tech Tools are the pockets tools that get the job done. In addition to imprinting on the tool, they offer great packaging with a 4 color process paper label that can carry images or messages. This packaging is an excellent way to add information to any marketing promotion.

Swiss Tech packaging

Windy City briefcases and computer cases are handy items at all meetings, to carry the binders and information. They can be given to clients, as a useful reminder of the meeting, and to carry important papers and documents.

Windy City Briefs
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