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Financial Case Histories

Banks are one of the largest users of promotional products. Many promotions are used in conjunction with trade shows and meetings. Other ideas are:

Authentic Plush figures can be used for all sorts of promotions, whether to attract attention, or to make a point. For a financial institution with a sense of humer, an imprinted plush fish with the message "Sometimes it's not bad being a fish out of water" can get prospects to look at loan officers in an entirely new way.

Authentic Plush Fish

When First Republic wanted to increase their presence in the local community and develop a stronger savings and loan business, they thought to give away a Peerless umbrella. When customers would open a checking account with a minimum dollar amount or a CD at the bank, the bank would give them a free umbrella

The result was an increase in both areas, checking accounts and CDs. The bank has placed several reorders.

Peerless Umbrella idea

Is there anything more identifed with finance than the briefcase? Windy City has a great selection of briefs (and computer bags) in all price points and colors for even the pickiest bank or financial institution.

While you are at the web site, look at the padfolios as well. They have a unique feature in them, in that they are left or right hand friendly. The "N Dome" process allows for 4 color imprint as well.

Windy City Briefs

Windy City Padfolios

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