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Alan Christopher, MAS.



I am available as a seminar speaker, workshop facilitator, consultant and trainer, on a limited basis during the year. If any of these topics interest you or your organization, or you'd like me to design a custom seminar, please contact me at dacaustin@aol.com.

2007 First Impressions Representative of the Year

2006 Peerless Umbrella Million Dollar Club Honoree

2006 PPAI #1 Ranked Speaker, Expo Las Vegas

2004 Peerless Umbrella VIP Honoree

2002 Corridor Advertising Promotional Products Association Multi-Line Rep of the Year

2001 Promotional Products Association International Distinguished Service Award

2000 Houston Promotional Products Association Supplier Rep of the Year

1999 Corridor Advertising Promotional Products Association Multi-Line Rep of the Year

1997 Harvey Daco Representative of the Year

1996 Promotional Products Association International Veteran Facilitator Award

1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 Promotional Products
Association International Speaker of the Year - West South Central Region

1994, 1995 Houston Promotional Products Association Supplier Rep of the Year

Ropes Course/Outdoor Leadership
I am a certified ropes course instructor, certified rescue, certified First Aid, CPR and certified infectious disease trained. Through our other company, Leadership Initiatives, we offer on-site training for your non-profit group, youth and teen, or employees interested in using physical skills to improve and learn.

Communication Skills *
Every business person communicates every day. How effectively we communicate can make a huge difference in our relationships with our customers and our income. This seminar is very interactive, with role playing, games and activities used to illustrate the different types of communication, and the best ways to overcome communication blockers. Because of the large time spent in activities, this seminar is limited to a maximum of 48 people. 4 hours.

Teamwork & Leadership*
Have you ever said (or felt) "Every one of those seminars the company sends us to is a waste of time"? If so, this is the seminar for you. Teamwork is the buzzword of the new millenium, but most companies just pay lip service to it. This highly interactive seminar uses games and role playing to illustrate the components of successful teams. You won't be bored at this one. Because of the large time spent in activities, this seminar is limited to a maximum of 48 people. 8 hours. This seminar includes all the material from the Communications Skills seminar.

The following seminars are 90 minutes in length.

Preparing Effective Sales Presentations *
Preparation is the key to success in any venture. This seminar is for new and experienced salespeople. It covers:

  • prospecting
  • gathering information on a prospect (including using the Internet)
  • writing introductory letters to get appointments
  • initial interview tips and techniques (including a prospect sheet)
  • presentation and closing call tips ( including do's and don't)

Attendees are also given several information sheets:

  • General Business Needs
  • Reasons Why People Buy
  • Company Profile Sheet
  • Sample Proposal

Doing Business on the Internet *
Take the mystery out of the Information Superhighway. Learn what it is and more importantly, what it isn't, how it works, and what it can (and can't) do for your business and customers. Learn the difference between web pages and e-commerce sites, and learn the do's and don'ts of both. 

Writing a Marketing Plan *
Available for both manufacturing companies and distribution and wholesalers. A marketing plan is absolutely critical to the success of any organization. Learn how to gather, define, and analyze data. In-depth evaluation of your company and your competition is also taught. 

Is a Computer System right for your business? *
Many small companies start out doing everything "by hand". Eventually, the amount of material and data grows too large for the data to be timely and accurate. Learn how to evaluate your needs, flowchart your company, and ask intelligent questions of potential vendors. Designed for small manufacturing or distribution accounts. 

Writing Memos and Letters That Get Results #
Many people (including the author) readily admit that letter writing is the hardest part of their job. This seminar will teach you how to get your point across in a clear, concise way without being too stiff or formal. Different types of letters and memos will be discussed and evaluated. 

Camera Ready Artwork and Imprinting #
Clear, crisp artwork is the first and most important step in the success of any printed job. Learn what makes artwork "camera ready". Many imprinting process, with "do's and don'ts" will be discussed, and examples shown. 

Developing an Effective Catalog #
Designed primarily for manufacturing companies marketing to a select or target audience, it can also be attended by anyone who is putting together a first direct mail catalog or flyer. Graphics vs. copy, imprinting tips, and helpful hints will guide anyone who is doing a first catalog, or a veteran looking to spruce up an existing catalog.

New Supplier Orientation ^
For new suppliers to the industry, this seminar takes you thru entry into the marketplace, a discussion of catalogs, industry show, using reps and much more.

Selling wearables to the corporate market **
Look at trends, fashion and material orientation in the growing wearables market. Includes a discussion of what end buyers want in a wearable, and who to call on.

* Already approved for CEU credit by PPAI and ASI.
# Already approved  for CEU credit by PPAI .
^ Already approved for CEU credit by ASI.
** Already approved for CEU credit by ISS.